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Research presentations

About The Research Paper

Vision Statement
Our vision for The Research Paper is to create a magazine that humanizes research on all levels. We believe that research is as much about self-discovery as it is about achievement. In addition to showing the outstanding research that is done here at Cornell, we also aim to show the uniqueness, creativity, and personality of each researcher to our readers. We do this by focusing our articles on who the researcher is, what they are involved in both at Cornell and in their local communities, and what their future aspirations are.

The club was founded by Emily Posner in 2000. The purpose, aims, functions of this organization are:

  • to promote research at Cornell University
  • to reward students and faculty for doing great research
  • to show new students the process of research and encourage them to do so
  • to show that research is conducted in every college and every discipline at Cornell
  • to bring the Cornell community together (administration, faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, prospective students)
  • to provide a resource of opportunities for students to get involved
  • to feature undergraduate researchers in all of the seven major colleges
  • to bring together student leaders and enthusiasts who have a passion for research and fulfilling their curiosities
  • to reap the benefits of publishing a magazine and spreading the word of the positive effects of research

Annual Spring Release Party
Each April, the staff welcomes members of the community, including the Cornell administrators and the press, to the annual Spring Release Party. Researchers profiled in the fall and spring issues are invited to create displays of their work and discuss their projects with guests. With musical performances, giveaways, and plenty of food, everyone always has a wonderful time.